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POZ: New HIV Mobile Outreach Van Hits the Road Less Traveled in FloridaNAM: Lymphoma treatment outcomes just as good for people with HIVPositiveLite: The evolution of my religionPositiveLite: N.S. court overturns sexual-assault convictions of HIV-positive man who didn’t disclose conditionHIV+ Mag: Trump Is Pushing Health Care Discrimination. Here's How You Could Be AffectedHIV+ Mag: Life-Saving Federal HIV Drug Pricing Program Is Under AttackNAM: Severe fibrosis improves in most patients after hepatitis C cure but persists in a quarterPositiveLite: Age 60 or over and living with HIV? Have your say!POZ: Condoms Don’t Feel Good, So Don’t Use Them, Says Philippines PresidentNAM: HPV16 highly prevalent among HIV-positive MSM in France and strongly associated with high-grade pre-cancerous anal lesionsPOZ: What Do AIDS Groups Say About Trump’s 2019 Budget Proposal?PositiveLite: HIV treatment is not only a life giver but a life saver.NAM: PrEP does not raise lipids or alter body fat, safety study findsPOZ: Why Are Gay Men on PrEP Denied Disability and Life Insurance?PositiveLite: “Mom, I’m HIV-positive.”PositiveLite: Love Positive Women: why a fulfilling sexual life with HIV mattersHIV JUSTICE: Important new resource, SALC’s HIV Criminalisation Defence Case Compendium, published this weekNAM: Zambia: HIV deaths on treatment underestimatedPOZ: “Angels in America” Returns to Broadway 25 Years After Its DebutPositiveLite: Add your voice and endorse our call to eliminate hepatitis C in Canada at ctac.ca/EliminateHepC

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