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Indiana HIV Advocacy Day

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NAM: A quarter of people taking antiretroviral therapy in Kenya have exhausted current treatment optionsPositiveLite: Sean McKenna: Life with AIDS isn’t so damn ‘fabulous’PositiveLite: 2,100 miles on a bike: Barry Haarde is in the saddle againPOZ: $11M in HIV Prevention Grants Focus on Gay and Transgender People of ColorPOZ: Dance Party Supports Statement of HIV Risk When Undetectable [VIDEO]NAM: Generic hepatitis C drugs continue to produce high cure ratesPositiveLite: The growing invisible majority and what do people aging with HIV really need?The Body: No Matter What Gender You Choose to Be, We Can All Stand up and Fight for Human RightsNAM: Switching from Atripla to generic-containing regimens can produce large cost savingsNAM: AbbVie combination cures 95% of genotype 3 hepatitis CPOZ: Nine Groups Receive Grants to Fight HIV in the South, Thanks to EJAF and ETAFNAM: New AbbVie hepatitis C combination cures 99% of people with cirrhosisNAM: Direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C not linked to higher liver cancer risk in most studiesPositiveLite: HIV Stigma Index to be implemented in CanadaPOZ: To Fight HIV and Hepatitis, NASTAD Expands Membership to Cities and CountiesNAM: European HCV treatment access survey shows big variations in eligibilityThe Body: Med Side Effects: Thinking About How HIV Affects Us PhysicallyPOZ: Adult Film Industry Back to Work After an HIV-Related ShutdownNAM: Curing hepatitis C reduces cardiovascular riskNAM: Monitoring of progress towards 90-90-90 blighted by poor quality reporting

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