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Indiana HIV Advocacy Day

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HIV+ Mag: Research Casts Doubt on Medication as Cure for AlcoholismPOZ: Michael Johnson to Serve 10 Years for Not Disclosing HIV to Sex PartnersPositiveLite: Ontario to cover HIV prevention pill under public health planPositiveLite: Setting our minds to it! Attending the Realize 2017 Forum on HIV and Mental HealthPOZ: Chicago Joins the “Getting to Zero” Effort to End HIVNAM: Marathon training is safe for people with HIVPositiveLite: How HIV became a matter of international securityPositiveLite: Who are heterosexual women acquiring HIV from? Are heterosexual women's partners a hidden population?POZ: Hospital Sued for $2.5M After Faxing Patient’s HIV Info to His WorkplaceNAM: Does drug injection equipment other than syringes transmit hepatitis C?PositiveLite: GIPA takes a hitPositiveLite: HIVMA Comprehensive Guidelines recommend screening everyone with HIV,  offering multidisciplinary treatment focusing on non-drug optionsNAM: Smokers with HIV doing well on treatment now at greater risk of lung cancer than AIDSPositiveLite: SOS Venezuela: ARV’s urgently needed.POZ: ACTION ALERT: Another GOP Senate Bill Aims to Repeal Health CarePositiveLite: New US PrEP cost-effectiveness model finds drug prices will need to drop substantially if HIV risk rises, or if adherence is only moderateNAM: San Francisco annual report shows continued drop in new HIV infectionsPositiveLite: Frank McGee, Ontario’s controversial AIDS Bureau head, is gonePositiveLite: Bill Gates: Don’t expect charities to pick up the bill for Trump’s sweeping aid cutsPOZ: National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day 2017

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