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Is HIV stigma worse than ever?

Pennsylvania HIV Justice Network

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POZ: Free HIV Tests at Walgreens in Over 260 Cities! Here’s How to Find One Near YouHIV+ Mag: What Stonewall Can Teach Us About Saving Lives from OverdoseNAM: Antiretrovirals do not cause neurodevelopmental harm to uninfected infantsPOZ: This Rural State Combats HIV With a Free “PrEP Fest” During PrideNAM: No HIV infections over two years among MSM and transgender individuals taking event-driven PrEPPOZ: One Way to Beat HIV? Make PrEP Free. Kamala Harris Wants to Do Just ThatPOZ: 5 Goals for Ending the HIV Epidemic in MinnesotaHIV+ Mag: Sen. Kamala Harris Introducing Bill to Mandate PrEP CoverageNAM: What challenges must Nigeria overcome to eliminate vertical transmission of HIV?NAM: Frequent drug-drug interactions in older people with HIV in FrancePOZ: Ogle the Bare, Record-Breaking Talents of Broadway Beauties [VIDEO]POZ: Scientists Discover Way to Boost Universal Donor BloodPOZ: Black LGBT Folks Talk HIV Prevention in “Stay PrEP’d Up” [VIDEO]NAM: PrEP reduces HIV infections by over 95% in US ‘real world’ studyHIV JUSTICE: Canada: Justice Committee report recommends wide-ranging reforms to HIV criminalisation, including removing HIV non-disclosure from sexual assault lawPOZ: Honoring Allies Who Support Transgender EqualityNAM: Study illuminates PrEP treatment pathway and its facilitators and barriers for women in the BronxPOZ: Beyond Burlesque: Stripping Away HIV StigmaPOZ: Judith Light’s AIDS Advocacy Inspires Us. Who Inspires Her?POZ: Watch How These Nurses Changed AIDS Care in the Early ’80s [VIDEO]

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