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NAM: Far more harms associated with crystal meth than other chemsex drugsPOZ: American Bar Association Adopts HIV-Related ResolutionNAM: HIV diagnoses in Brighton started to fall before London and for different reasonsHIV+ Mag: Details Revealed for Three New FDA-Approved Combination DrugsThe Body: I Wrote "The Truth About the 7,000." Now What?NAM: 1600 people taking PrEP in Scotland and Wales, almost all are gay menPOZ: Another HIV Outbreak Related to the Opioid CrisisNAM: Loneliness and isolation top list of unmet social needs among people living with HIV in the UKThe Body: Name HIV Activists Fiercer Than the Positive Women's Network. I'll Wait.POZ: In a First, the Southern AIDS Coalition Appoints a Deputy DirectorNAM: Routine clinical use of DAAs highly effective and safe in people with HIV/HCV in EuropeHIV+ Mag: Transgender Men's HIV and PrEP Needs Are Not Being MetNAM: Curing hepatitis C reduces deaths and liver diseasePOZ: National Transgender HIV Testing Day 2018POZ: U.K. Man Gets Life in Prison for Deliberately Spreading HIVPOZ: Is Curing Patients Good for Business? Asks Goldman Sachs Biotech ReportNAM: Researchers puzzle over whether HIV accelerates cancer progressionPOZ: Conchita Wurst Reveals HIV Status After Receiving Blackmail ThreatsNAM: Direct-acting antivirals bring fewer HCV-related liver transplants, better survival after transplantation, in EuropeNAM: Eight weeks of treatment with Epclusa cured almost all people with HCV receiving opioid substitution therapy

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