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A&U Magazine Ken Pinkela: Picking His Battle

Chip Alfred talks to Ken Pinkela

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NAM: Sofosbuvir-based therapy achieves excellent SVR12 rates among people who inject drugs in the UkrainePositiveLite: Facing bereavement in HIV work: why is it so hard to say goodbye?NAM: United States: Syringe service use up, but a third of people who inject drugs still share needlesPositiveLite: Commentary: HIV and human rights organizations welcome federal government's interest in ending unjust HIV criminalizationPositiveLite: World AIDS Day 2016 in Ottawa: a personal account of a momentous and moving occasionPOZ: AIDS United Names Jesse Milan Jr. as President, CEONAM: Electronic monitoring of antiretroviral adherence in "real time" boosts pill taking and need for intensive adherence supportNAM: Hepatitis C virus infection is rising among gay and bisexual men in San DiegoPositiveLite: Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould Issues groundbreaking statement on World AIDS Day about HIV criminalizationPOZ: Celebrities Discuss How Hollywood Can Fight AIDS [VIDEO]PositiveLite: PositiveLite.com wins “Best Canadian HIV Website” award for fourth year in a row.NAM: NHS England announces major new PrEP trial for 2017PositiveLite: HIV prevention and the gay communityPOZ: NYC AIDS Memorial Unveiled at Public DedicationPositiveLite: The "epidemic" of misunderstanding about HIVPOZ: What Will Donald Trump Do About the U.S. Opioid Epidemic?NAM: Survey finds good knowledge of PrEP in Europe and a considerable amount of unsupported informal PrEP useNAM: There may be fewer people living with undiagnosed HIV in the UK than previously thoughtPositiveLite: Claiming my own space in Canada: what does that mean for this trini-caribbean, gay, HIV-positive man?PositiveLite: An exclusive interview with Health Minister Jane Philpott

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