There are many people and funders who have participated in helping to create the Network Empowerment Project (NEP) toolkit and Sero is grateful to them. But the greatest thanks goes to Anthony Wood and his colleagues at the Ittleson Foundation. They recognize how networks of people living with HIV (PLHIV) improve health outcomes, reduce internalized stigma arising from isolation and are an important vehicle for advocacy.  This toolkit would not exist without the support of the Ittleson Foundation.

At the outset of the project, Carrie Elizabeth Foote and Tamarah Kilroy volunteered to undertake qualitative and quantitative research to examine the state of PLHIV networks in the U.S.  (A copy of the report can be found here SERO Survey Talk).  Their passion, expertise and generosity set a tone that has been reflected throughout the project. A special thanks to Ashley Sherrow, Research Assistant, MA, Indiana University and Andrew Drea, Research Assistant, MA, Indiana University.

Special thanks are also due also to consultants Anna Forbes, Olivia Ford and Ken Pinkela, who played critical roles in the development, drafting and editing of the toolkit, as well as Project Director Cindy Stine, whose commitment and leadership kept the project on track.

Scores of people living with HIV, allies and advocates provided comments, participated in reviews, and research or were otherwise part of creating this toolkit.  Their effort is greatly appreciated. This list is incomplete, but here are a few we want to cite specifically:


Khadijah Abdullah


Wanda Brendle-Moss         NC

Barb Cardell


Jada Cardona                     LA

Cecilia Chung


Warren Alexander Dates AL

Fernando de Hoyos


Terl Gleason                     NC

Ari Hampton


Tami Haught                    IA

Angel Hernandez


Timothy S. Jackson             AL

Bryan Jones


Mark S. King                    MD

Kamaria Laffrey


Barb Lock                         AZ

Suraj Madoori


Mary Elizabeth Marr           AL

Susan Mull


Nick Nicholas                    MS

Naimah O’Neal


Waheedah Shabazz-El


Andrew Spieldenner


Cedric Sturdevent


Robert Suttle


Valerie Wojciechowicz


Ashton P. Woods


Finally, the most important thanks goes to our community of PLHIV, particularly those of us who are working in our neighborhoods, communities and regions to bring people living with HIV together to create community, improve health outcomes, improve quality of life and enable all of us living with HIV to speak with a collective voice.  Thank you.