Advocacy is based on a person or organization who is perceived to be knowledgeable in an area or topic due to their training, experience or study in a subject matter.  

Experts have a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a particular field. In specific fields, the definition of expert is well established by consensus and therefore it is not always necessary for individuals to have a professional or academic qualification for them to be accepted as an expert. 

In this respect, our goal is share expertise by bringing together both internal and external advocacy expertise, good practices, experience and knowledge.


A good place to start and learn techniques on how to Lobby with policy makers.

GO Fishing...Talk to your Legislators

Strategy in the Age of Connectivit

One important goal is to find a legislative champion in each state to work with community advocates and public health and legal policy experts to make each
state’s laws consistent with best public health practice.

"I hope that this Positive Speakers’ Guide will inspire many more people living with HIV who have appropriate support, to speak out and dispel the stigma of HIV, encourage others to get tested and treated, and help create public policies that respect the rights of all people living with HIV."

Susan Paxton, Ph.D.
Lliving with HIV for three decades
World AIDS Day, 2018

People living with HIV have a stake in all types of government decisions and actions — from education to health care; housing to mass incarceration; employment to civil rights – and we must participate in crafting and changing policies to ensure that they meet our needs. This multimedia guide is designed to help us make justice for our communities a reality.

“Simple Methods of Monitoring and Evaluating for LGBTQI Advocates Everywhere” is an exciting new M&E toolkit for LGBTIQ-led community-based organizations that are advocating for high quality, accessible, and rights-based sexual health programs, practices, and policies to better serve LGBTIQ people.