Resources & Groups

The Florida Department of Public Health has adopted a comprehensive strategic approach to prevent HIV transmission and strengthen patient care activities. For more information, click the View Resource button below.

The AIDS Institute provides information, education, training, technical assistance, workshops, seminars and research opportunities for HIV-positive people.

AIDS Service Association of Pinellas, Inc. (ASAP) provides a myriad of support services and referrals, including case management, testing, counseling, prevention education and limited emergency financial assistance, for the HIV/AIDS community.

The McGregor Clinic, Inc. provides primary medical care, case management, confidential HIV testing and community education.


Fact Sheets

Florida: HIV/AIDS: The State of the Epidemic in Communities of Color addresses Florida’s strategy on HIV/AIDS and how minorities are disproportionately affected.

Florida: Florida Criminal Transmission of HIV Fla. Stat. Ann. ┬ž 384.24(2) summary: A person commits criminal transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus if the person, knowing that his or HIV status is positive, engages in intimate contact with another person.

FLORIDA: HIV Criminalization in Florida Penal Implications for PLHIV Florida criminalizes people living with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the contexts of sex work, nonconsensual sex offenses, donation of blood and other bodily products, and consensual sex without disclosure.