Ignorance is one of the main drivers of HIV criminalization. You should not only understand the legal aspects of HIV criminalization, but also the basic facts about HIV. Effective advocacy depends on knowing your audience and tailoring your presentation or outreach to their knowledge, level of awareness, and likely concerns. Remember that to get people onboard with ending HIV criminalization, you need to explain why this issue is at least as important to them and the people they care about as other urgent issues. Different audiences need different pitches. You should identify at least one or two specific action items that an individual or group prior to your meeting or presentation, and tailor them to your audience.

Keep in mind that word choice and message are important. Reassure your audience that you are a reliable source of information by sticking with known facts and avoiding exaggerations. Whenever possible, you should always end any meeting or presentation with a specific ask or action task for your audience. 

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