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The Indiana Department of Health Division of HIV/STD & Viral Hepatitis works to promote public health and enhance the quality of life for Indiana residents through the prevention, intervention and treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This mission will be accomplished through policy and resource development, clinical data collection and analysis, research, education, prevention programs, disease detection and the provision of treatment services.

The HIV Modernization Movement is a diverse group of individuals who seek to modernize Indiana’s criminal HIV laws.

#CelebrateUU is a social movement that builds on the concept of U=U, calling on individuals living with HIV/AIDS to start recognizing and celebrating our anniversaries of having an undetectable viral load. In doing so, we build a digital patchwork of survivors and a time capsule of hope for when we end the HIV epidemic.

Fact Sheets

Indiana: 2016 Indiana Duty to Warn This survey assessed Indiana HIV provider knowledge of Indiana HIV Criminal Laws and their experiences with the Duty to Warn (DTW) Law.