Knowledge Resources –  The term knowledge resources refers not only to the knowledge currently possessed by the individual or the organization but also to the knowledge that can potentially be obtained (at some cost if necessary) from other individuals or organizations.

This study examined factors that affect HIV care linkage and engagement. Six focus groups were conducted with 33 HIV- positive persons living in North Carolina.

Know the FACTS about Criminalization Reform progress - From 2013 to 2015, at least 104 prosecutions took place in the US under HIV criminalization laws. The US is 2nd in the world in prosecutions; prosecuting more people under HIV criminalization laws than any country except Russia.

Lessons Learned and Existing opinions RIght Wrong or Indifferent - WE have to know our audience. Test potential messages that might be used to educate and inform the general public about HIV criminalization statutes

This review focuses on stigma as an impediment to health and specifies HIV characteristics among all medical conditions. The impact is detailed according to impacted sphere: public health priority (screening, adherence) psychosocial vulnerabilities (comorbidities) and institutional challenges (stigma in healthcare).

Great tips and ideas on How to Talk about HIV Criminalization - Know your Subject and Know your Audience