About the Network Empowerment Project

The Network Empowerment Project was created by the Sero Project to facilitate the creation and strengthening of networks of people living with HIV (PLHIV) networks, whether the networks are focused on advocacy, education, recreation, provision of services or for mutual social support.

Networks of PLHIV are how we can:

– Determine our own agenda;

– Define our own priorities;

– Select leadership of our own choosing;

– Hold said leadership accountable;

– Speak with a collective voice.

PLHIV working together, with other PLHIV, contributes significantly to improved health outcomes and stigma reduction. 

Many networks are focused on a specific state or region; several are national or global. Networks focused on specific key populations, such as young and gay bisexual men, black gay men, transgender women, incarcerated men and women, injection drug users, immigrants, sex workers and others are especially important as they enable voices to be heard that are often ignored. 

The goal of the Network Empowerment Project is to support all such networks and make sure that those living with HIV who are newly-diagnosed are provided the opportunity to connect with the network(s) that can be most helpful to them in navigating the stigma, isolation, fear, loneliness, complicated treatment decision making and healthcare access issues and more.

Through the Network Empowerment Project we provide guidance on forming and sustaining networks, how to work collectively, fundraise, agree on a mission and more.

No one knows more about living with HIV than those of us who are doing precisely that. We want to use our collective experience, personal empathy and access to expertise to help every person living with HIV.

Network Empowerment Project Groups

Network Empowerment Project Groups

Check out this list of groups comprised of  members and leadership living with HIV. This list includes U.S. national and regional groups, as well as listings by state, from organizing to healthcare to riding bikes, we have it all! Download the resource to learn more.

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