Global Commission on HIV and the Law: HIV Criminalization Chapter (2012)

“The impact of HIV criminalization on people living with HIV is ultimately destructive and divisive, creating a sense that there are ‘good’ HIV-positive people versus ‘bad’ HIV-positive people. The people who complain to the police, supported by the criminal justice system, believe that they should be warned when their sexual partner is HIV-positive. Never mind the incredible di! culties we might have disclosing this very sensitive information to people who we don’t trust; the deep denial we often face earlier on in our diagnosis; the di! culties we have negotiating or using condoms; or the fact that those of us on e” ective treatment are going to be far less infectious than people who are undiagnosed and who couldn’t possibly warn their partner”.  – Edwin J. Bernard, Germany, High Income Countries Dialogue, 16-17 September 2011